Roadies Inc. – Trucking Company in California

We always had the zeal to make trucking and freight carrying easier and accessible, and with our continual practices and efforts, we have made it so far. As a freight shipping company, we can cater to all the needs and demands our customers have. Our trucking company in California has an extensive fleet of advanced trucks that are equipped with the right set of equipment to carefully carry dry and cold cargo while maintaining the temperature.

Trucking company in Bakersfield

Also we believe that the power should always be in your hands and that’s why we have come up with cargo tracking functionality. We are not just a conventional trucking company in Bakersfield, who just carries the cargo and delivers it. Instead we deliver quality and experience along with delivering your goods. We have courteous drivers and other staff members who listen and understand your needs and try to work as per that. Roadies inc. is the best trucking company in Bakersfield.

Our Goal

We have a definite goal to make trucking and cargo shipping affordable and easily accessible. And we are on the right track towards reaching our goal.

Meet Our Team

We have seasoned teams who work in brilliant coordination towards shipping and conducting the deliveries before time. All the truck operators are always in touch with us and we can process any last-minute changes on your requests.Roadies Inc. has already set hard to achieve benchmarks for others companies and is becoming the major player in LTL trucking companies.

Avie has been leading Roadies Inc. seamlessly with his commendable sense of trucking and shipment projects. Since the inception of this fortunate company Nagra has been managing the customer operations and the responsibilities of CEO in an outstanding way while keeping an eagle eye on the grossing market trends.

Avie Nagra

Avie Nagra


If there is someone who has mastered the art of handling accounts and reports while sustaining growth in the industry then he is none other than Rajdeep. He has a set of industrial tactics that can be deployed for accounting the financial situations of the projects handled by Roadies Inc.




He brings in his wealth of experience into the growth and sustainability of the company. Dalbir is saddled with the responsibility of making sure that the day-to-day operational activities of the company are properly managed.