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At Roadies Inc. we completely admit that transporting refrigerated goods requires a unique amalgamation of expertise and equipment. There is no scope of error as a minor error can ruin the whole game and the shipped products can get damage or run out of quality.

Whether you are shipping chilled, frozen, or temperature controlled goods you need to choose Roadies Inc. as your reliable shipping partner.

Our experienced truckers can easily handle FTL (full truck load) or LTL (les truck load) while maintaining the integrity of goods and sustain the right temperature inside the shipment cabin.

We have accumulated a gigantic fleet of refrigerated trucks and equipment to promise you with timely deliveries.

Roadies Inc. believes that our clients should never run into hassles and that’s the why we are the most recognized trucking company in Bakersfield. We have minimized the need of paperwork so as to terminate the hassles.

We have insulated vans, refrigerated vans and every other essential equipment you just name it and we have it.

Till date Roadies Inc. has set new benchmarks in transporting refrigerated for multifarious business verticals like pharmaceuticals, eatables, poultry, produce, powder coatings, paintballs, and much more.

Hiring Roadies Inc. is easier than ever, just tap the contact us button get a quotation from our expert panel and it’s done. We will be there at the location to pick up the goods for timely deliveries.